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The Paganization of the Church 2

In last month’s editorial I introduced the subject of the paganization of the church and stated that this paganization largely has to do with the way our culture views human sexuality. I quoted from a recently published book entitled True Sexual Morality, in which the author, Daniel R. Heimbach, stated: “In just one generation, we have witnessed a total revolution in the way people think of sex and this in turn is creating a demand for monumental revisions affecting every social institution at almost every level… Everything related to sex, gender, and family, whether in law, politics, defense, education, entertainment, health, business, or religion, is being shaken to the core” (p.32).

The Post-Modern View Of Sex

While for many centuries Western civilization has been shaped by the Judeo-Christian approach to sexual morality based on the Word of God, with the rise of modernism there emerged an opposing view according to which sexual activity need not be restricted to hetero-sexual relations within the bond of marriage, but may be engaged in by anyone and with anyone, regardless of gender or relationship, provided it takes place with mutual consent. Sex, in this view, serves no moral or spiritual purpose beyond the experience itself.