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The Providence of God in Marriage: A Personal Testimony

Living in a spiritually divided marriage is a challenge. I came to faith after leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses but my wife remains in that “religion.” No matter what our circumstances are in our marriage, we are called upon to be obedient to God’s law, as in all of life.

The question is “Do you really believe that marriage is a ‘calling’?” That is something to think about. Have you ever thought of your marriage as a calling? Too often it seems, we fail to connect our circumstances in our marriages, divided or not, to God’s Providence. And what do we mean by God’s Providence? The Westminster Confession of Faith beautifully defines and describes it Chapter V, Par. 1:

“God, the great Creator of all things, doth uphold, direct, dispose, and governs all creatures, actions, and things, from the greatest even to the least, by his wise and most holy providence, according to his infallible foreknowledge, and the free and immutable counsel of his own will, to the praise of the glory of his wisdom, power, justice, goodness, and mercy.”