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Let's Talk: Talks About the Bible Chapter 5

I was once looking for a house to buy, so I went to the many real estate agents who wanted to sell me a house. I looked in the real estate brochures, and saw pictures telling me about the houses for sale. Some of the books had beautiful photographs of the houses, together with most attractive descriptions of the oak-paneled hall and staircase, the large sitting-rooms, the bright bedrooms, the garage at the side, and the swimming pool and tennis court at the back. You can be sure that the houses with the lovely descriptions were the ones that caught my eye, but I can see a knowing look on your faces that tells me that you can guess what is coming next. Yes! The price was too high.

On the bulletin boards outside the agent‛s office I could see there were some other houses being put up for auction. That is like “Ebay” where people offer to pay a certain price for something and the one who “bids” or offers the highest price gets it — that is a rather exciting way of buying and selling things. The bulletin boards showed what these houses were. I saw one that was announced, and along the top it read: