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Authentic Christianity: Studies in the Westminster Standards Part 4

The Westminster Larger Catechism is seldom mentioned or studied. In fact only one commentary has ever been written on it and that was in 1731 by Thomas Ridgeley. It was reprinted in 1993 under the title COMMENTARY ON THE LARGER CATECHISM, (Edmonton, Canada, Still Waters Revival Books). This catechism was completed in 1647 and was designed to be "a directory for ministers in their teaching of the Reformed Faith Sunday by Sunday." - Thomas F. Torrance, THE SCHOOL OF FAITH, (New York: Harper, 1959), pg. 183.

Commissioned by Parliament to produce a catechism for the instruction of the church in Biblical doctrine, the Westminster Assembly realized that it would have to write two catechisms instead of one. The Shorter Catechism was written for the instruction of the young and the new converts in Biblical Christianity. The Larger Catechism, written with equal clarity and precision, but with more exactness, detail and comprehensiveness, was for those with a more mature understanding of the Word of God.