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Let's Talk: Chapter 8 - Moving Pictures

HAVE you ever tried making a moving picture for yourself? It is good fun. No! You do not need a special camera. All you need is to make a little book. Suppose you want to draw a boy kicking a football. Well, you first draw a picture of him standing. Then you draw another picture with his foot going backwards, then another straight down, then another with the foot forwards, then another touching the ball, and last of all one with the ball in the air and the boy's leg right forward. If you look at the pictures above you will see what I mean.

I have drawn them side by side, but you must draw them on separate "pages," cut them out, put them together, as if they, were a little book. The next thing to do is to press your thumb against the edge of these pages and flip them quickly - brrr -- while you watch the pictures. You will then see the boy lift his foot and kick the ball. I think I can hear you asking, "Whatever has this to do with the Bible?" Just this. The Bible is the world's greatest moving-picture book. Of course these are real pictures, things that actually happened.