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2006 Ecuador Missions Report

Go ye therefore and teach all nations... That is the command that William Farr heard as a young man in 1972; a command that he answered "Here am I, Lord, send me". He has never left Ecuador for any great length of time, except when he returned to the States in 1993-94 to study under Joe Morecraft, III and immerse himself in the Reformed faith. Since that time, William has gone about his work, bringing in a circuit of pastors whose primary backgrounds are Pentecostal in nature, even though they would be considered Evangelical preachers in Ecuador. As far as is known, William's ministry is the only Reformed work in all of Ecuador.

The hustle and bustle of the city of Quevedo, a city of about 50,000 people, is not unlike that of the United States. People go about tending to the everyday affairs of life. The foreign traveler would occasionally,however, come across some unusual sights - the display of dead chickens hanging out in the, open air market; the cuts of meat exposed to the elements, exhibited for the shopper at the sidewalk butchery; the fish markets with their game proudly displayed; the grains, coffees, and rice lying out to dry - exposed to all types of strange matter. Street vendors peddle their wares from one day to the next, the children go off to school, and the business people rush to and fro. So would be the life of the majority of the people ...