Future Oriented

Joey Morecraft, son of Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Morecraft III, was honored by having the 2006 Dominion Christian High School Yearbook dedicated to him. Joey, a graduate of 1997 King College, Bristol, Tn., has taught at Dominion Christian High School in Marietta, Ga. for eight years.

Principal, Dr. Rod Kirby, wrote, "I’m sure there is a great multitude of students who would wish that I had steered him away from teaching -- his high standards have caused much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth! But the Lord has truly blessed his ministry with students, both in the classroom and outside of it. Joey regularly engages students in discussions about their life -- not just carrying on superficial chit-chat, but challenging them to live their lives in whole-hearted service to the Lord. His impact on students is incalculable, both in their academic work and, more importantly, in their walk with Jesus. May the Lord continue to bless Joey Morecraft as he ministers to young men and women in the name of Christ.”