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Lets Talk: Singing in the Choir

When I was a boy my father took me from a smaller school where I was, and sent me to a fine large school. (It is the finest school in England. I am sure all the old boys, who wear the same “old school tie” as I do, think the same!) It was all very exciting, and I can remember still the new “togs” (that means clothes) I had. How proud I was to be wearing the new cap with the red-and-white badge and the blue stripes. In the school term in which I started, there were about forty other new boys. We were sorted out for our various “houses” or dorms, and had all kinds of “mysteries” about school explained to us, were told about the school tuck-shop, and a hundred and one other things. Then we were all filed off by a prefect (a student monitor) to a room where there was a piano and one of the masters. The truth then came out. We would all have to sing, “Doh, ray, me, fah, soh...”, and the singing master would listen to see if he could find any recruits for the school choir. My voice was at the cracked stage then, and so I was soon dismissed. Since I have become a man I have often wished I had gone into the choir; but when I was at school, and saw all the “chumps” who belonged to the choir having to stay late for practices, it seemed much better fun to go out and play rugger (Rugby-English football). But there were days when the choir had its own back, because at the School Concerts and on Speech Day they used to do jolly well. But this is a talk about the Bible. It seems as if I am forgetting that. Can you guess which part of the Bible comes into our talk today?