Ban Spanking Bans

Many of the people reading this article are child abusers. That would be the view of some secular child-raising “experts,” anyway. They believe that spanking a child is “abuse,” or at least inevitably leads to abuse, and that corporal punishment should be outlawed. A large number of contemporary social problems cannot be solved as long as parents spank disobedient children, in their view.

This kind of thinking prevailed in Sweden by the late 1970s, and that country passed a law to prohibit spanking in 1979. That was more than 25 years ago, and somehow Sweden still has its share of social problems. The utopia has not arrived. Perhaps they need more time. More likely, the supposedly beneficial outcome of a ban on spanking is just another left-wing fantasy. Reality has a way of pouring cold water on the overheated theories of the social Left.