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Hermeneutics Matters

In the United States, millions of Bibles are purchased every year, thousands of Bible conferences occur, and tens of thousands of churches conduct a variety of services and activities. Why, then, is the church divided - in doctrine, polity, worship, and worldview? Why is the church unwilling to discipline disobedient members, confront false teachers, and read serious works of Christian theology and literature? Why is the church morally compromised, disobedient to God's law, and disinterested in seriously confronting this apostatizing nation with the claims of the risen, ruling Lord? Why is the ubiquitous Bible not taken more seriously, applied more comprehensively, obeyed more devotedly? Grappling with these and related questions is challenging but necessary, for if we hope to disciple our nation to Jesus Christ, enjoy trustworthy, principled leadership in church and state, and witness the revival of the church across denominational lines, answers and solutions must be pursued.