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Let's Talk: Once Upon a Time

"Tell us a story," said a boy when it was raining and no one would go outside. "I want you to tell me a story," said the little girl who was hot and tired and a little fretful on a long trip in the car. When I was a boy there weren't TV's, computers, and DVDs. People actually read things called books and parents read stories to their children. I hope you want to read and hear stories and that your parents like to read stories to you. It's too easy today to just pop in a DVD or turn on a computer game. You should read and be read to by your parents and other adults. If they haven't read to you in a while, ask them to read you a story, even it isn't raining outside!

Nearly all the stories I loved when I was a little boy used to begin, "Once upon a time...," and they used to all end this way, "....and so they all lived happily ever after." Have you ever heard that kind of story? I imagine that you have.