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The Godly Life of John Calvin

My heart I offer to You, O Lord - promptly and sincerely. Proverbs 23:26 & 1:7

The Protestant Reformation had not yet begun. Yet the Dark Ages of many centuries of ignorance were about to end. For the art of printing had recently been invented. So the available number of Bibles was now steadily increasing. And the deepening study of that book, was clearly exposing the corruption of the Deformed Church. Martin Luther was still an unconverted monk aged 26 when Jean Cauvin alias John Calvin first saw the light of day.

Calvin was born one of six children in the town of Noyon, within the province of Picardy, in the land of France. Soon after that, he was baptized in the local Roman Catholic cathedral. Both his first dwelling-place (today a small Protestant church!), as well as his first place of worship (still the Roman Catholic cathedral) deeply impressed me when I myself visited them in 1969.