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A Christian Approach to Racism - Part 2

“The consistent Christian gladly accepts all the diversities and differences which abound in the creation and in human society, realizing that all these have been created after their own kind, Genesis 1:24-32, and yet also recognizing that they all find their ultimate unity in the sovereign counsel and providence of Almighty God. Secular humanists on the other hand find such diversities and differences between individuals and races intolerable, since they are forced by their own apostasy from the living God to find the meaning and purpose of life within the narrowed down horizons of the material universe or in some absolutized aspect of the creation. Since it is only within the phenomenal world that perfection and salvation can be attained, [according to the humanists], then unity too must be achieved within the terms of this world at any cost, regardless of peoples most cherished feelings. Hence their apostate religious drive to achieve the forcible assimilation of races, churches, schools, etc. and to abolish all the differences which God has ordained. -- In short, secular humanists are determined to achieve unity at the expense of human freedom, diversity and difference. The white liberals of America have in fact absolutized their own ‘American way of life’ and they will not rest content until every one else in America has bowed down to the false gods they worship…”- Hebden-Taylor, “The Christian Understanding of Race Relations,” pp.11-12. And if the Christian community—red, yellow, black and white—does not fit into the humanist model for society, it will be discriminated against!