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Who Really Owns the Holy Land? Part 2

Jesus' Teaching About the Land and the Future of Ethnic Israel.

When Christ came two thousand years ago, the Biblical doctrine of the land experienced a radical advance. By inaugurating his public ministry in Galilee of the Gentiles along the public trade route (Isaiah 9:1, cited in Matthew 4:12-16), Jesus was making a statement. That land would serve as the springboard to all nations. The kingdom of God - the central theme of Jesus' teaching - would encompass a realm that extended well beyond the borders of ancient Israel. As Paul so pointedly indicated, God's promise to Abraham meant that he would become heir of the whole world (Romans 4:13). Jesus' pointing his ministry toward the whole of the world rather than confining it to the land of Canaan cleared the way for the old covenant "type" to be replaced by the new covenant "antitype."