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Salt and Light in History: Abraham Kuyper

Our subject is "The Christian as Salt and Light." We will look at four areas in which Christians may be salt and light: 1. In the Church. 2. In the Media. 3. In Education and 4. In Politics.

These four areas could occupy the lifetime achievements of four different men, but this story is about one remarkable man who excelled in all four areas: Abraham Kuyper of the Netherlands.

His great contribution was reminding us and demonstrating for us, that Reformed Christianity is not limited to a slice of life, but is a faith for all of life. This is vitally important because when a Christian does not think biblically in some area of life, he will end up absorbing the current cultural consensus. At this time in history, absorbing the cultural consensus will undermine every article of the Christian faith. Abraham Kuyper was a man who will not let us be comfortable with a truncated Christianity for the religious compartment of life.