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Christian Fellowship

I. Church fellowship is the exercise of the social principle in matters of religion and in obedience to the authority of Christ.

Many persons seem to imagine that the only end and object of church attendance is to hear the sermon and the only fellowship is that of participation of the Lord’s supper. Therefore, they attach no other idea to a church than a company of Christians going together to hear the preacher and attend the Lord’s supper; who have nothing to do with each other, till they arrive there, and whose mutual duties end where they begin. The observance of the Lord’s supper it is confessed is one design and exercise of fellowship, but it is not the only one. Man is a societal being, by which we mean that he instinctively seeks the company of his fellows; is capable of enjoying their company, and derives from their communion no small portion of his improvement and happiness. The maxim of Solomon is as just as it is beautiful,—”As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”