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What's Your Worldview?

“What’s your sign?” Maybe you are a Leo or a Libra, a Virgo or an Aquarius. Some people believe their astrological sign affects or determines their future. Well, one thing is for certain, your LIFEVIEW does determine your future! Do you know what your “Lifeview” is? Most people can tell you what their “sign” is but they have no idea what their “lifeview” is. The philosopher Socrates once said, “The unexamined life isn’t worth living.” I want to ask you to examine your lifeview!

What is a LIFEVIEW? A lifeview is how you view life, the world, how you understand the origin, meaning, purpose, and goal of life, what happens after you die, etc. This is also called a “worldview,” how you look at and understand the world, its existence and purpose. How does this affect your life? Well, if you believe there is no God, that all things just exist by chance, that will affect how you live. But if you believe there is a God and the Bible is His word, then that will affect how you live. The next time you watch a TV program or movie ask what the lifeview of the actors or story is. For example, you will find one kind of lifeview reflected on “Little House on the Prairie” and different one on afternoon “Soap operas.”