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Law and Liberation: The Fifth Commandment

God, family, and property are inseparably linked. Marxism sees the link and works to destroy it. Ultimately, Marxism will fail in its quest for it foolishly opposes the order of the Almighty triune Creator-Redeemer God. The importance of the link between family and property can be measured by the fact that four of the ten commandments protect family and property. These are the fifth, the seventh against adultery, the eighth against theft, and the tenth against covetousness. Interestingly, none of the commandments protects the State. Apart from the prescription for pure worship of the true God the Church does not enjoy any protection from the Decalogue either. One would have to look elsewhere in Scripture for the establishment and maintenance of the State and the Church as God-given institutions in society. The emphasis on the family and property in the Law of God makes it clear that the family is the basic unit of society. This is God's order and any teaching or philosophy or ideology that kicks against it will meet with ruin.