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Ordained Praise, Part 2

How does one set about to write Christian music? For me it was a challenge of sorts having had no formal training in this area. On the other hand, much of it flowed without effort, really quite spontaneously, from a heart that was bursting to say something memorable and impressive to children and adults to build them up in the faith.

For years I tried to write songs with very little success. Then eight years ago my husband Wayne suggested that I try writing songs to accompany the children's and Shorter Catechisms. I know now that God was leading him in this and had much in store for me to do! There is such a strong sense of this music being a special calling from God and not just something I came up with on my own. When we are gifted by God in any area - be it music, art, preaching, teaching, hospitality, etc. - our sinful pride will rouse its ugly head to some degree at some point, and we need to be on guard and never let this pride cause us to fall. All that we can accomplish in life is by His grace alone and our highest goal and greatest joy should be to bring Him glory in all that we do.