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Those Nasty Christians

Conservative Christians in Canada and the United States have increasingly been active in political affairs. First as a result of the legalization of abortion, and later due to the impact of the spread of homosexual rights, some Christians have felt it their duty to oppose the current direction of society on social matters. More and more of them have been drawn into political activism in response to policy changes that have occurred since the 1970s.

People who support those changes do not, however, look kindly upon the Christians who get involved. They allege that a sacred principle of “separation of church and state” is being violated. If Christians promote public policies that reflect Christian principles, the secular nature of our society is threatened, they argue. Theocracy will be the inevitable result. Christians must therefore stay out of politics or if they do get involved their activism should reflect a secular agenda. In this way, the opponents of Christian activism seek to marginalize Christians and make them appear to be sinister.