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Why I Wrote Creation Without Compromise

One way I look at church history is to see the Word of God and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ being challenged by the “intellectual elite” or “politically powerful” God-haters. It is not hard to find church history text for the early period. The focus is on the champions of the faith: martyrs, pastors, theologians, and apologist. Polycarp, Athanasius, Augustine and a host of others are sure to be included. The heretics always lose.

Good histories of the Reformation are also available. Again the focus will likely be on reformers like Luther, Zwingl, and Calvin. We are pointed to the best of the theologians.

But a typical church history or history of doctrine text covering the 19th and 20th centuries passes over the faithful defenders of biblical Christianity. The persons most praised are those religious anthropologists (wrongly called theologians) who could accommodate the Christian faith to be more in step with the cultural norms. In particular, I wondered why even the Reformed and evangelical churches seemed to compromise with Darwinism and the evolutionary worldview.