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The Myth of Political Polytheism

Gary North is one of the most important and productive Christian writers of our time. He has helped many younger Christian writers (including this reviewer) to find their way into print.

Political Polytheism, his latest work, is a spirited theonomic attack on (1) the idea of religious and ethical neutrality and (2) on the idea that these United States were founded on a Christian basis. It is a volume of four parts. The first is a discussion of Biblical covenantalism and its legal applications. The second is his attack on "halfway covenantal" ethics, social criticism, and historiography, which judicially divide Old Covenant Israel from so-called New Covenant nations, which hold that there are no sanctions in history for disobeying God's national covenantal laws. The third is an attack on the United States Constitution as "apostate covenantalism," mancentered covenantal legal theory which in principle removes God and Christianity in the name of the false god of political pluralism. The final section outlines what Christians should do to restore our national covenant.