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Getting Rid of Mommy: Daycare vs. the Family

The traditional family has been under attack in Canada and other Western countries for years. One of the main opponents of the traditional family has been, and continues to be, the feminist movement. Feminists want women to be “equal” with men in basically every area of society. In their view, whenever women are not represented in a particular job or activity in the same proportion as men, discrimination must be taking place. For example, the fact that most police officers, firefighters, and soldiers are men is clear evidence of discrimination against women. The Canadian Armed Forces, which has apparently fallen for this ideological nonsense, is working particularly hard to recruit women to correct the imbalance.

One of the major obstacles to the feminist agenda is the biological difference between men and women. This is most obvious in the area of reproduction: women bear children and men don’t. To the feminists, this gives men an “unfair” advantage because men can pursue their careers without interruptions for pregnancy and the care of young children. The feminists are therefore strong advocates of daycare; that is, they want women to drop their children off at daycare centers each day so these mothers will be able to pursue their careers unhindered by their children.