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Grace Notes: "Dearest Annie-girl"

This week you started your Junior year in high school. Unbelievable! I am grateful beyond measure for you. Little girls are supposed to admire and look up to their mothers, and I hope that in some areas you are able to do so. But many times I find myself looking up to you, not only physically, which I must do since you are currently about four inches taller than me. I look up to you in many other areas as well. You are a compassionate, open-hearted friend. You value honesty in relationships, whether it's pleasant at times or not You know how to work hard and have fun at the same time. You are determined and trustworthy. You are unusually thoughtful of the feelings of others, particularly those whom you love or pity, And yet you are very strong and opinionated (I see the same tightening of the jaw as your father in an argument and know the battle is already won!).