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Postmillennial Eschatology And Its Implications for Business, Ethics and Practice

Dr. John Jefferson Davis is Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Massachusetts, where he has taught since 1975. Dr. Davis earned the Ph.D. from Duke University, where he was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate and Danforth Graduate Fellow. He is the author or editor of nine books, including Foundations of Evangelical Theology; Evangelical Ethics: Issues Facing the Church Today; Your Wealth in God’s World; and most recently, Christ’s Victorious Kingdom: Postmillennialism Reconsidered. His articles and reviews have appeared in Christianity Today, Eternity, The Westminster Theological Journal, and other scholarly and popular publications.

As the title indicates, the purpose of this chapter is to explore the implications of postmillennialism for business ethics and practice. The term postmillennialism will be defined, something of its history sketched, and clarifications stated with respect to several common misunderstandings of the view. Its biblical basis will be considered, and then its practical implications for the world of business will be explored.