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Law and Liberation: The Third Commandment

With such emphasis on the inescapable guilt of those who misuse the name of God, It is clear that the Lord's name is inestimably precious and must be regarded to be so by all His creatures at all times and in all circumstances. The indication of this commandment is that its breach is a sin above all sins deserving of God's wrath to a degree not measured out for other transgressions of His law.

All who are in the business of making things have their particular trademark by which a manufactured item is identified as the work of this or that producer. That concept is derived from God who created all things. The Creator's mark is on everything in His creation and, to paraphrase Cornelius Van Til, even the fastest traveller through God's estate cannot mistake the signs of His ownership. The earthly manufacturer's mark can be a reflection of his name, but the Creator's mark speaks unquestionably of His name which means that everything bears witness to His name.