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What Has Happened to Honoring?

A teacher left her teaching career to raise a family. She had always greeted her class with “Good morning students,” to which they replied, “Good morning, Mrs. Brown.” When she returned twenty-seven years later she greeted her class as she had before, only this time the class screamed, “Good morning bitch!” What happened in that length of time?

One of the tragedies of our culture is the disobedience of young children and the prevalent ungovernable, defiance of many young adults. We are reaping the overwhelming rebellion to the fifth commandment. Young adults applaud their free-speech derisions as if they were brilliant truths. Generally speaking, if you are around young people, Christian or not, sooner than later their condescending dishonor oozes out. “Mother, you aren’t wearing that are you?” “Dad, you don’t know how to do that!” It’s a subtle cancer raging out of control. Young people, except two year olds, do not want to look like, smell like, sound like, buy, wear, drive, anything resembling an older person. And the possibility of them seeing their mother or father in the mirror, and realizing it is them, is the worst thing that could ever happen.