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The Awe of the All

Fathers and brothers, the humbling circumstances of addressing this body is intensified by the fact that I have chosen as a text and point of emphasis that which is part and parcel of your reason for existence as an ecclesiastical body. It may appear foolish on my part to attempt to speak on that which is so obvious within a reformed and Bible-believing fellowship. Yet it is just here that the modern church so fails--even conservative churches who start out well. Therefore, I undertake this task more by way of exhortation than exposition.

My text for exposition and application is the first half of verse 20 of Matthew 28: "Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you." I want to focus on the "AWE" of the "ALL." The awe of that all is sadly missing in much of Christendom today. From liberal ecumenical movements to fundamentalists stressing experience over doctrine, zeal for the whole counsel of God is either criticized or ignored.