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The Beautiful Beatitudes, Part 2

Emmett Kelly was one of the most famous clowns in history. My sister painted a picture of him in his famous clown make-up and I have it with me here today. The striking thing about this picture is the sadness in Mr. Kelly's face. We are captivated by the contrast. Clowns are supposed to be funny. They dress up in ludicrous clothing and make-up and we are able to laugh. But Emmett Kelly's trademark is this woebegone look, this exquisite sadness in a funny costume. And so we laugh, and yet he strikes a chord in our souls, a chord of mournfulness. You can be laughing on the outside and crying on the inside.

Emmett Kelly died some years ago. His son took over his clown personality. I don't know if the son is still living or not, but the picture of Emmett the Clown will never die. It registers something so true to life. Clowns can put on a happy face, like Bozo the Clown, but you and I know that even Bozo the Clown must have times when he doesn't feel like laughing.