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Law and Liberation: Introduction

In all our thinking and in all our doing, we must consciously begin with God. Having been created by God, it would be a denial of our Creator if we were to begin with anyone or anything else, and yet that is precisely what is being done in all the world. What is commonplace is to begin with man or with man's situation.

The subject of Law and Liberation is only one of many subjects that can illustrate the fact that, in the final analysis, there are two major starting points which are in conflict, each claiming to be the only legitimate starting point in our thinking and doing. On the one hand, to begin with God in the matter of Law and Liberation will require an acceptance of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in their entirety, as the self-attesting, inspired, authoritative, infallible, inerrant, complete word of God with its major themes of creation, fall, and redemption. On the other hand, to begin with man will reflect laws that are in conflict with the Bible and a liberation which denies the true state of man's nature, fails to discern man's real need, and thinks to raise man to the position of God. You shall be as God. That was the Tempter's tactic in the Garden of Eden at the beginning of history. It is unmistakably evident in every sphere of life today, being particularly brought to the fore by Liberation Theology and the New Age Movement.