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Movie Reviews: Driving Miss Daisy and Born on the 4th of July

DRIVING MISS DAISY is a great character study which will not only fill you with joy and love, but also encourage you to follow Jesus Christ more closely. In a subtle way, this film asks and answers some of the most important questions of our age. Miss Daisy Werthan is a highly-independent Southern Jewish matron who has known poverty and prejudice - facts which she is not going to let anyone forget; although now she's rich and her son is accepted by Atlanta society. The tough, yet loving old woman insists upon doing everything herself, until she backs her new car into a gully.

Inspired in part by his own autobiography, BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY spans two decades of Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic's life. Opening on July 4th, 1956, Ron is watching a patriotic parade as he celebrates his tenth birthday in his hometown of Massapequa, N.Y. Raised in a patriotic, Catholic family, young Ron sees the military as the road to glory.