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The Officers of the Church and Christian Reconstruction

The idea behind the word office is a biblical one. It refers to a position-task to which Christ has appointed us. It is always functional and never merely titular. It involves, not grand titles and honors, but hard work for the Lord, I Thess. 5:12-13. As Nigel Lee points out: "An 'officer' who will not do his required work and fulfill his vocational task, is a contradiction in terms! 'Preachers' who do not really preach, 'ruling elders' who do not really guide, and 'deacons' who do not really help are the henbane, (a plant, the roots, leaves and seeds of which are poisonous) of the church. If, after loving correction, they cannot or will not function in those official roles, they should be removed from the ministry of that special office and instead rather be encouraged to function in the general office of all Christians. -- ...all occupants of the special office should be encouraged and are worthy of honor. Indeed, those special officers who function praiseworthily--such as those 'elders who rule well'--need to be counted worthy of double respect and honor. For a faithful officer is one who works--and who works well!"