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Implications of Presbyterian Government for the Role of Women

There are several assumptions that must govern our thinking as we examine the implications of Presbyterian polity for the role of women. First, the Bible is the inerrant and infallible rule for faith and practice. Biblical teaching is binding over all our practices. Second, we must diligently strive to subjugate our emotions to clear Scriptural teaching. In other words, the attitude of, "I just can't accept what the Bible teaches in a particular area because I don't like what it says" is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately, many professing Christians allow their "feelings" to dictate their living.

There's a reason for stating these two principles. This article could stir up some deep emotions, especially among women. The purpose of this article is not necessarily to give the final word on this issue. It is to begin some serious dialogue in the Reformed community concerning a woman's role in the church. Thus, I welcome any reply that deepens our understanding.