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The Rise of Promillenialism

There is a new millennialism afoot today: Promillennialism. The term is not original with me. I am not even certain whether the fellow who coined the term meant what I mean by the term; that is irrelevant. I intend to appropriate the term for my own purposes in this article, and I think most of my readers will concur with my decision.

Promillennialism is not the same as panmillennialism. The panmillennialist believes that everything will pan out in the end. There is an apathetic streak in the soul of the panmillennialist. He doesn't care to discuss prophecy or eschatology because he simply wants to avoid controversy. Panmillennialism is the easy way out: but convictions not worth defending are not worth believing, either. Panmillennialism seeks peace between Christian brethren at too high a price in doctrinal flabbiness. Moreover, many panmillennialists are prone to low-salt content in their deeds as well as their profession.