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From the Editor's Desk

The article on page 2 of this issue, God's Decrees and Man's Freedom, comes from a volume made up of radio addresses delivered by Dr. Machen in the final year of his life and put into book form under the title, The Christian View of Man, and published after the author died on January 1, 1937. As J. Gresham Machen was one of the outstanding Reformed leaders in American history, every lover of the Reformed Faith should know something about him. Let me begin by quoting from the Foreword to the British Edition of the afore mentioned book. This foreword was written, nearly three decades after Machen's death, by Machen's former student and later friend and colleague, John Murray. Readers of this magazine will possibly remember that I consider John Murray to have been one of the three greatest theologians in the history of the United States, the other two being Robert L. Dabney and Benjamin B. Warfield.