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Exposing the Hoax of a Limited Constitutional Convention

Ten years, a hundred-plus prominent professors and attorneys (including Warren Burger, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court), and $25 million later, Ford, Rockefeller, and other tax-exempt Foundation funding produced a brand-new Constitution to REPLACE the American Constitution. Although our 200-year-old Constitution has the unique distinction of protecting more freedom for more people for longer than ever in recorded history, these tax-exempt foundations deemed it necessary to rewrite it Why?!

Their creation, the "Newstates" Constitution, literally wipes out our permanent God-given freedoms to worship, to "keep and bear arms", to choose private education for our children rather than forced, mandated government education, etc. It goes so far as to abolish all state boundaries and even change the name of the United States to the "Newstates of America!" Our unalienable rights (stated in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution) are revoked in this NEW Constitution. Authority over man's freedom is transferred from God to the State through temporary government-granted "privileges," easily revoked by any government in power.