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Blaming Family and Faith

On a recent "Donahue" TV program an infuriating piece of film was shown. Secretly taped by parents who suspected her of beating their baby (who appeared to be about six or eight months old), a baby-sitter was shown slapping this tiny child very hard because the baby was crying while being fed. And I mean this baby was slapped hard -- three times and then something was held over its mouth to try to quiet it.

Coming out of this sickening film clip, Phil Donahue says: "I bet you $100 this woman was struck as a kid." He says, smugly: "I betcha," as a camera shows a woman in the audience nodding in agreement.

And then Mr. Donahue says that what we just saw is "a legacy we pass from generation to generation," that "we use the Bible to justify this." And, he says, incredulously, that if spanking were put to a national vote it would win because we believe in "spare the rod."