News Briefs

In a much ballyhooed agreement signed Dec. 22 in New York, South Africa agreed to remove its occupation force from Namibia by Nov. 1, 1989. South Africa also has promised to stop funding Dr. Jonas Savimbi's organization, the Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNIT A). The bad news for UNIT A and South Africa is that the Cubans occupying Angola have until July 1, 1991, to withdraw. Not surprisingly, this deal was worked out by the United States State Department.

There are now 60,000 Cuban soldiers in Angola, and 15,000 of those were added since negotiations began in earnest last year. The agreement says that the United Nations will have a whopping total of 70 "peace keeping officers" and 20 civilians to monitor the Cuban withdrawal. As Jardo Muekalia, the United Nations observer for UNIT A told the New York Times, "It's a big country for 90 people to verify the withdrawal." Hold the kudos for American diplomacy until it's clear South Africa is secure on its northwestern border.