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Jeremiah: Judgment and Restoration, Part XII

Because of Judah's "roaring defiance" at her covenant Lord, He, in righteous judgment, "forsakes," "abandons," and "delivers her up" to her enemies to be ravaged by them.

Although Jehovah had treated Judah as his dearly beloved and prized possession, He, as the Holy God, would not tolerate her impenitent apostasy. Any love He had for Judah, was an holy love, which could not tolerate unholiness and disloyalty.

Therefore, Jeremiah says that Jehovah hates Judah. "Hate" in Hebrew is sina. It is the opposite of "love." It means to oppose, detest and despise those persons or things with which one desires no contact or relationship. "Love draws and unites, hate separates and keeps distant. The hated and hating persons are considered foes or enemies and are considered odious, utterly unappealing." - Van Gronigen