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Operation Rescue: An Ethical Evaluation

I hate to be undecided on issues. I had already made up my mind on Operation Rescue and was wondering when I would have an opportunity to get involved. The prospect of being a martyr of sorts had a romantic appeal for me. If I had any fears, it was fear of what my Christian friends would think if I turned down an opportunity to participate. I didn't want them to think I lacked courage and conviction. Then just as that opportunity to be involved directly in an Operation Rescue effort materialized, some of my Christian friends brought to my attention some questions they had about the tactics of Operation Rescue. These questions had never occurred to me, and I did not have any answers. I began asking several of my ministerial friends about their position on Operation Rescue. Now I am writing this article on my findings and conclusions to date. I am not writing as one who thinks he has the final word on the subject. I am writing more as one who wishes to use the discipline of writing to clarify further his thoughts. I also want to submit my tentative conclusions to the scrutiny of others.