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The United Way and the March of Dimes: A Warning

Founded in 1918, United Way of America is the world's largest cooperative coalition of charity organizations in the world. Its multi-million dollar annual effort not only distributes much needed cash to local private sector service providers, but it provides program support and consultation in the areas of "fundraising, budgeting, management, fund distribution, planning, and communications." It conducts major national media campaigns, produces fllms and audio-visual presentations, administers staff and volunteer development training, and publishes dozens of booklets, pamphlets, and directories every year. It assists local service groups by conducting company-wide and community-wide campaigns and cultivating increased corporate giving through donor development programs. United Way funds help organizations, like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, the Red Cross, and Big Brothers, do what they do best: care for the needy. Millions of dollars every year are used to strengthen the work of drug rehabilitation, medical research, emergency food relief, sheltering the homeless, crisis counseling referrals, legal services to the poor, and job training for the unemployed.