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Jeremiah: Judgment and Restoration, Part VII

This chapter reminds us that the basic cause of Judah's destruction by Jehovah was her blatant and inexcusable rejection of the sovereignty and covenant of the Lord; and her submission to another sovereignty in Baal. When this happens, it is inevitable that the curses of the covenant, (Lev. 26 and Deut. 28), become operative.

The indictment of Judah has a different emphasis in chapter 5 than it did in chapter 2. In chapter 2 God indicted Judah for her idolatry. In chapter 5 God indicts Judah for her personal and social immorality. Faithfulness of Jehovah and submission to his sovereignty not only show themselves in purity of worship, but also in careful adherence to the laws of God's covenant in both personal morality and public justice.