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The Man Who Never Was a Teenager

On March 12, 1988, 4:35 A.M., I became the proud father of a brand spanking new, 83 pound, 5 ft. 1 in., teenage daughter. I thought of telling her that she was still only twelve, but I didn't think that I could get away with that for the next seven years. I looked in the yellow pages under Teen Incubation Services to no avail. All means of avoiding teenagism out, I realized I would have to face this head on. I was forced to begin to think seriously about teens and their particular needs and concerns. Also, as a church, we have enough children to provide the cast for a remake of The Exodus. At one time I counted about a hundred children in our church. Many of our parents have become or are fast becoming the parents of teens, and we are having to address their needs, their concerns, their desires from a biblical perspective.