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Atlanta Pro-Lifers March on Georgia Capital

Over the past year The Counsel of Chalcedon has not presented a great deal on the matter of abortion. This is partly because we had said most of what could be said the previous year. But, while the efforts of pro-lifers are little different in nature from the efforts of previous years, nevertheless their labors continue. Large marches and pickets have not increased, but smaller pickets have been better organized so that, for example, there are at least a few picketers at Dr. Gay's abortion clinic in Chamblee at almost all his hours of operation.  A number of hearings and trials were conducted over the past year in which Chalcedon members were involved at the various levels. Some charges were dropped. Some people were fined and banned from the city of Chamblee, for example, for a year. In one case a jury found two Chalcedon members guilty of trespassing on clinic property.