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The INF Treaty and US - USSR Arms Control

At the Summit Meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev on December 7, 1987, the US and the USSR most likely will enter into a new arms control agreement called the INF (Intermediate Nuclear Force) Treaty. It is hailed as a great breakthrough in the Cold War between those two nations. This treaty "would eliminate all US and Soviet land-based missiles with ranges between 300 and·3400 miles, including 441 Soviet SS-20s and 108 US Pershing IIs, and ban the future production of these kinds of weapons as well. Under the proposed pact, the Kremlin wouid dismantle three times as many warheads and permit intrusive, on-site inspection (and verification)." (Human Events, "What Price the INF Treaty?" 12/5/87, p. 8) The treaty's goal of "Global Double Zero" would be reached by the supposedly total elimination of all intermediate-range nuclear forces within five years.