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Communism's Danger: Faith in Man or Faith in God?, Part 2

Last month we discussed the allure of man to Communism, the essence of which is the total denial of the God of history and the elevation of man to be his own god. This is the fundamental reason the Communists have become infamous for their inhuman behavior around the world. They recognize no restrictive, higher power or value that controls man's behavior. By their denial of God - ATHEISM - they have released themselves to exercise the full spectrum of the depravity of man. The history of the past seventy years is the strongest evidence possible that man, when left to his own devices and uncontrolled nature, too often perpetrates the most horrible and satanic acts of inhumanity and evil on his fellow man imaginable. The estimated one hundred fifty million innocent people murdered by the Communists to advance their insane cause since the death of Karl Marx in 1883, of which some sixty-six million alone have been the Russian people themselves, provides unequivocal proof of this, it seems to me.