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Communism's Danger: Faith in Man or Faith in God?

Why is there such invincible ignorance in America about the human degradation and the evil of Communism on the part of the great preponderance of the American peop1e? Why have Americans been so absolutely unwilling to confront the reality of a mortal enemy dedicated to their national destruction for almost 70 years? Why to this very day have our national leaders in the fields of government, in business, in public education, in the great labor unions, in the renowned foundations, in the entertainment industry, in the news media, and in every important institution in the nation failed to raise a ringing and persistent warning about the mortal danger of the Communist Soviet Union and all Communist nations to the American people and their historic way of life? Why does the great preponderance of the American body of Christ today refuse to stand in vigorous, adamant and unyielding opposition to Communism, the most insidious and implacable ideology of atheism the world has ever known? Why do so many avowed forces of God in America today align themselves in so many ways with the Communist voices of anti-God and facilitate the growth and spread of the Communist night of the human soul?