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What Calvin Says About Providence and Man

For Calvin, the doctrines of creation and providence are inseparable; he is no deist. He writes, "To make God a momentary Creator, who once for all finished His work, would be cold and barren, and we must differ from profane men especially in that we see the presence of divine power shining as much in the continuing state of the universe as in its inception... Faith ought to penetrate more deeply, namely, having found Him Creator of all, forthwith to conclude He is also everlasting Governor and Preserver - not only in that He drives the celestial frame as well as its several parts by a universal motion, but also in that He sustains, nourishes, and cares for, everything He has made, even to the least sparrow [ef. Matt. l0:29] ... All parts of the universe are quickened by God's secret inspiration" Institutes 1:16:1).