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The Lordship Series: Frontline Fellowship

Indiana Jones can't hold a candle to the adventures of South-African-born missionary Rev. Peter Hammond, who is bold and brave for God. When Peter wants to deliver Bibles to soldiers in the war zones of Angola and Zimbabwe, he has to crawl across mine fields, sprawled out on the ground so as not to set off a mine. "When we crawl that way our weight is more evenly distributed," he said during a recent two-month speaking tour of the U.S.

Rev. Hammond and his 12 member staff that make up the Frontline Fellowship mission in South Africa also penetrate army camps by crossing mine fields on motorcycles. They wear backpacks stuffed with Bibles and other educational material to distribute in communist countries. "We have found by using motorcycles we can quickly maneuver through the mine fields," says the Evangelist of the Christian Motorcyclist Association. "Even if a rider hits a mine it only blows off the front tire of the motorcycle and the rider is thrown and banged up a bit, but he survives."