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Sermons on Zechariah: Mourning Before Morning

This morning we begin actually entering into the message of Zechariah. The gist of our first message was that our God is a concerned God who speaks to real people regarding their historical circumstances and needs. Our faith is not one of mysticism, but of spiritually based realism.

Our message today is entitled "Mourning Before Morning." The idea behind our tide is that God lays upon us the necessity of mourning for our sins, before He will grant us a new, bright morning of glory in His favor. The necessity of repentance before blessing is as true on the personal level, as it is on the cultural level. And both of these ideas--personal and cultural repentance--are prominent in Zechariah. May the word of God penetrate our hearts, leading us to bow before Him in humble sorrow for our sins, that we might bask in the glory of His favor.